Steve Moret Q&A

Steve Moret has answered us some questions about the upcoming second patch for Temple of Elemental Evil.What is the current status of the second patch? Have you already started testing the patch?

We’re on our 8th beta revision right now and are kinda getting happy with how it’s turning out. There is still about another weeks worth of work that needs to be done.

If someone wants to help you testing the patch, can he or she still apply?

Hopefully after we release this patch I will be able to release updates and we can have unofficial patches so ANYBODY can help us test if they want.

What bugs have been fixed in the second patch and are there somethings you want to fix in future patches?

Lots of prototype changes (size fixes for items, value corrections, weapon type changes), a few magic items were incorrect (e.g. Jaer’s Spheres of fire) those are fixed, we’ve revamped the random number generator, lots of quests have been updated/fixed, a bracer stacking bug has been fixed, a criticals not confirming on a matching AC bug was fixed, some strength bonus bugs with 2handed weapons have been fixed, a bug where magic projectiles helped your melee was fixed, the IO subsystem has been abstracted out so people can write tools that work with the game easier, and a few more miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

Will you add anything new into the game? Will there be more weapons or armor or even new quests?

Not really, some quests which couldn’t trigger before should work now, however I don’t know the direct details on it. We aren’t adding any new items to the game, but we are fixing ones that would prevent smaller characters from wielding / using them.

Many people complained about the unavailabilty of certain weapons (normal and masterwork quality) in the game, will this be fixed?

It has been discussed to increase the chance of these items showing up at specific towns, this hasn’t been put in yet, but it is on the “maybe” list for the week worth of work that is left.

Are there plans to add more detailed magic item descriptions in future patches?

No plans, but it is something we could do.

Can you give us an ETA of the 2nd patch?

Originally April 1, but that came and went. I’d say sometime mid next week, maybe the 14th or at the latest the 19th of April.

We thank Steve Moret for this interview!


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