Over the years I had several opportunities to interview the people at Troika Games. The first interview was done for my personal website http://www.sturmwolf.de, the others were done for the “Greyhawk Chronicles” and later the “Troika Chronicles”. The interviews concerning “Temple of Elemental Evil” are still available at http://greyhawk.rpgplanet.gamespy.com/ but are mirrored here for your convenience.

The following Q&As are currently available here:


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  1. will there be any follow up/sequal/prequal to the vampire masquerade/bloodlines games? only they were two of the most involving and… well, best games i have played… i think the universe these games have created definately needs, nay, deserves another look into. By the way, was The Fog (the original film) an inspiration?
    kind regards


  2. I don’t know if there will be ever sequels to Bloodlines, but I am sure that they will not be created from Troika, because Troika Games was closed quite a long time ago. Most of its employees including the three founders are now working for other companies. For example Tim Cain works for Carbine Studios and Leon Boyarsky for Blizzard.

  3. […] day when I ran several computer games fansites I did quite a few interviews (you can check them out here). When “Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies” was out, I thought I might ask Chad if he was […]

  4. […] He was involved with great games like Fallout, Fallout 2, Arcanum and Temple of Elemental Evil. I interviewed him three times and I had the opportunity to chat with him about Arcanum, which was actually still in development […]

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