Good Bye!

Today I decided to close the Troika Chronicles for good. That means I won’t update the news and I will probably not renew the domain But since the site is hosted by I will probably keep it running as long as possible.

It has been a great time, but with Troika Games long gone, I lost interest in the site. If you are interested where my focus lies today, check out my pen & paper RPG blog “Stargazer’s World“.

Thanks and good bye!


Interviews added

I finally updated the Q&A page. Here is a complete list of the interviews we did with the guys from Troika Games:


Welcome to the new “Troika Chronicles” website. Some of you may remember that I closed down the site some months ago. Then some time ago (I don’t know when exactly) someone hacked the old site and I had to use the Waybackmachine to get all my articles and interviews back. Hmm, I should have made a backup of the site a long time ago. 🙄
I now decided to resurrect the site as a blog. Why? I am currently playing Arcanum again and I wanted to give the articles and interviews a new place to stay. Some of the Ex-Troikans are back in the gaming business and the Bloodlines fan community is creating fan patches on a regular basis, so perhaps there are some interesting troika-related news to blog about in the future. So stay tuned and if you like, check out my other blogs! 😀