Bloodlines patched again

Here’s the list of changes (taken from the forums at The Patches Scroll):

Made basic patch install as default and removed overlooked changes.
+Removed crossbow from Sin Bin and fixed Yukie double swords issue.
Included memory and widescreen resolution tools, thanks to Wabbite.
Many Malkavian lines added for blood dools, thanks to RobinHood70.
+Removed humanity for Dementating McFly and tutorial .38 on default.
Swapped Lily cutscene Phil with scrubs and adjusted Vandal’s line.
Made it possible to specify which clothes Heather should wear next.
Restored SM haven for traitorous Tremere and fixed sewer shortcut.

Re-did Ginger Swan knowledge fix and warehouse re-entering stopper.
Corrected boss flags for Mercurio, Chastity and Tzimisce Creation.
Fixed Venus’ reaction for persuading Boris and Asylum email issues.
Restored newscaster and Cal lines and fixed minor dialogue errors.
Repaired Imalia’s quest failure message and new Vandal alternative.
Fixed possible random crashes on exiting Grout’s Mansion and Dane.
Corrected hostess not getting elevator and phoning without a phone.
Added inspection to text at Society and a few more missing sounds.

The patch can be downloaded here.


Bloodlines patched to 4.3

Another unofficial Vampire Bloodlines patch has been released. It can be downloaded at The Patches Scroll.

Bloodlines patched (unofficially) to 4.1

Another fan patch for Troika’s vampiric RPG has been released to the public. It can be easily applied onto the official 1.2 patch. Here’s a list of the fixes and changes:

– Put morphine into cs cabinet and fixed a Danielle Persuasion error.
– Added a humane farewell line to Heather and fixed a Tourette loop.
– Lowered hacking skill of Asylum computers and swapped Copper lines.
– Made police investigate gallery crime independent of your actions.
– Prevented Humanity from reaching zero and removed loss for pendant.
– Fixed parking garage exchange and removed gum when sold to Copper.
– Corrected a Vandal condition and several similar dialogue problems.
– Repaired broken Romero quest return and several minor text issues.

The patch is available for download here.

Unofficial Bloodlines patch availabe for download

According to RPGCodex forum member Wesp5, the latest Bloodlines patch is now available. The 178 MByte file can be downloaded at Filefront (Update: Its also available on Patches Scroll now). Here’s the changelist for your convenience: Continue reading