Unofficial Arcanum Patch released

I have to admit I haven’t been checking Terra Arcanum for quite some time now. And so I completely missed that there’s an Unofficial Arcanum Patch! The latest version has been released just days ago. Following is a list of changes/fixes:

-Removed two red pixels in Light Wood Door’s art.
-Level scaling is back, but now you get random encounters after levels 45-49 as well.
-There’s a chance that orcish bandits in random encounters will have an ogre in their group now. (This wasn’t working before because of a typo).
-Fixed scripts of Molochean Hand Assasins, Orc Bandits and Bates’ Bounty Hunters. You won’t be caught in neverending dialogue loop anymore if you try to control their mind.
-Fixed wrongs stats on a number of orcs and ogres’ prototypes. Summoned orcs and ogres aren’t considered monsters anymore.
-Vendigroth’s music track is restored.
-Fixed music issues in the part of Tarant around the library, Caladon’s docks, the boat landing on Thanatos, the Ruby Glade, Ashlag Village and Stringy Pete’s Cove.
-Fixed three typos in Thom Grak’s dialogue.
-Fixed a typo in “IFS Zephyr Miracle” newspaper.
-Fixed a typo in Malek Nebbs’ dialogue.
-One of passages in the Black Mountain mines can’t be destroyed anymore.
-A table in Bates’ factory can’t be highlighted anymore.
-A painting in the Mayor’s mansion in Black Root can’t be highlighted anymore.
-Restored Virgil’s dialogue about Lawrence Brummond’s newspaper.
-Lawrence Brummond’s newspaper can’t be pickpocketed from the clerk anymore.
-Fixed a typo in Lawrence Brummond’s newspaper.
-Fixed a typo in Virgil’s dialogue (talking about the newspaper).
-Fixed a typo in Virgil’s dialogue (talking about the flying machines).
-Fixed 12 typos in newspapers.
-Fixed a typo in Gilbert Bates’ dialogue.
-Gilbert Bates now asks for his ring after the questions’ branch as well.
-WorldEd: changed categories for many critter prototypes.
-Fixed several problems with some of critter prototypes.
-Summoned creatures now have correct palettes. (not default ones)
-Fixed basic proto issues with the guard in front of the gates on the Isle of Despair: correct soundbank and portrait now.
-The junk dealer in Derhnolm now has a correct dialogue.
-Fixed some broken tiles in the herbalist’s house in Shrouded Hills.
-Fixed three broken lines in the dialogue of the Mayor of Black Root.
-Fixed 8 typos in train ticket agents’ dialogues.
-Fixed a typo in Black Root’s rumors.
-Fixed a typo in Winston Schuyler’s dialogue.
-Fixed the land bridge’s townmap.
-Fixed two broken lines and a typo in Killian Drake’s dialogue.
-Prince Farad won’t talk to you anymore if you tell him that Aria is being tortured by Praetor.
-Fixed two broken lines in the dialogue of the Mayor of Black Root.
-Removed a description from Princess Aria’s Amulet.
-Standardized descriptions for Dorian Amulet, Ring of Protection, Amulet of Beauty and Axe of Strength.
-Standardized a lot of descriptions for unique items.
-Fixed wrong descriptions for Charmed, Magick, Mystic and Arcane Robes.
-Fixed wrong descriptions for Charmed, Magick, Mystic and Arcane Chainmails.
-Fixed wrong descriptions for Charmed, Magick, Mystic and Arcane Platemails.

You can download the UAP here.


New Arcanum modules!

Although “Arcanum – Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura” is out for some years now, several avid fans are still working hard to bring us some new modules to play. And working hard they are, since WorldEd is not the easiest piece of software to use (I tried and failed). 😀

  • The first new module was created by Lord of Halifax and its written completely in the french language. It’s called “Le livre des Ombres” and can be dowloaded at the Arcanum Lab.
  • The second new module, called Doomsday was created by Terra Arcanum forum regular Quaid. This module is hosted at the other remaining Troika Games fansite “Terra Arcanum“. You can download it here.

I found news about both modules at Terra Arcanum. Special thanks to mathboy for posting the news!

Arcanum soundtrack

While I was recreating this website from the ashes of the last one, I was looking on the web for the Arcanum soundtrack. For a long time it has been available for download from Sierra’s servers, but all the links are dead and I haven’t found a mirror, yet. Although Terra Arcanum has mirrored both the Arcanum and the Troika Games website, they haven’t mirrored the soundtrack. But I’ve stumbled upon Ben Houge’s Last.FM page, and there you can also listen to the soundtrack and add it to your Last.FM playlist.
If anyone knows of a place where you can download the soundtrack in mp3 format, please let me know (in the comments for example).

Update: It seems the download from the Sierra ftp server still works (I believe there was some problem with my connection last time I tried to access those servers). This means you should be able to get the complete soundtrack (and eventhe sheet music) from here. 😀 Have fun!