Jason Anderson working for Interplay again

According to this news post @ Blues News Interplay (yes, they are still around) has hired Jason Anderson. Jason will be working on an “unannounced MMORPG”. I am pretty sure that’s the Fallout MMORPG HervĂ© Caen has been talking about for some time now. Although it’s good to hear that Jason is back in the industry, I don’t think it was a good idea to work for Interplay again…

Update: According to the Fallout 3 Blog, Jason Anderson will not be working on the Fallout MMOG but on another yet unannounced MMOG. Hmm, I remember the unannounced part from the original news but assumed there hasn’t been a formal announcement of the Fallout MMOG yet. Hmm, I think I was mistaken. So Interplay is working on two MMOGs or has the Fallout MMOG been cancelled?


Bloodlines patched to 4.3

Another unofficial Vampire Bloodlines patch has been released. It can be downloaded at The Patches Scroll.