New Arcanum modules!

Although “Arcanum – Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura” is out for some years now, several avid fans are still working hard to bring us some new modules to play. And working hard they are, since WorldEd is not the easiest piece of software to use (I tried and failed). 😀

  • The first new module was created by Lord of Halifax and its written completely in the french language. It’s called “Le livre des Ombres” and can be dowloaded at the Arcanum Lab.
  • The second new module, called Doomsday was created by Terra Arcanum forum regular Quaid. This module is hosted at the other remaining Troika Games fansite “Terra Arcanum“. You can download it here.

I found news about both modules at Terra Arcanum. Special thanks to mathboy for posting the news!


Carbine Studios interview

When I first read about Carbine Studios and Tim Cain’s involvement, I thought about asking them to do an interview for the “Troika Chronicles”. So I contacted NCSoft and David Swofford (Director of Public Relations) arranged the whole thing for me. Thanks again, David!
So Jeremy Gaffney (Executive Producer), Tim Cain (Lead Programmer) and Kevin Beardslee (VP of Design) answered some questions for me.
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Steve Moret on Python

Python LogoWhile searching for some information on the Python scripting language I stumbled upon an interview that Steve Moret gave some time after the release of ToEE. Although it’s quite old, it’s still an interesting read:

Coming off of Arcanum, which used an internal scripting language (an opcode based system that used a GUI tool used to select language constructs), we wanted something that could give scripters more power to do complex tasks, yet still minimize the chance of user introduced errors. In my search for this programming holy grail, I looked at Python, Small, and Lua, and finally decided upon Python because of its simple syntax, its integrated high level language constructs (tuples, classes, exceptions, and serialization), and its ease of integration into our code base. I have to admit, my prior Python experience gave it a bit of a bias, but I always say go with what you know. And we did.

Check out the full interview here.

Jason D. Anderson interview @ NMA

No Mutants Allowed, the (in)famous Fallout fansite has posted their interview with Troika co-founder Jason D. Anderson. Here’s an excerpt for your convenience:

When I was around 9 or 10, my mom read an article about Gary Gygax and went out and bought me the basic D&D set. (Remember the blue one? The one with the die that fell apart when you threw them?) I didn’t have anyone to play with, so I created characters and played by myself until I found some friends at school to play with. We played nearly every day at school during lunch. I remember when the Advanced D&D books came out, with the Monster Manual, it was such a huge deal for us. And I remember when we heard about the movie BladeRunner and the cool world it was taking place in, we used the D&D system as a model and made up our own RPG based on a BladeRunner-esque world. We also liked to play Avalon Hill games and sit around dreaming up our own RPG systems and talking about the games we’d make one day. At that time, home computers were pretty scarce. But one of my friend’s parents had a computer that we would play Space War on (I think that was its name).

Check out NMA for the full interview!

Carbine Studios

Tim Cain, one of the founders of Troika Games, is finally back in the industry. He is programming director of the newly founded Carbine Studios, a dev team consisting mainly of former Blizzard employees. Cabine Studios is part of NCSoft and is currently working on an unannounced MMORPG.

Carbine Studios Project

The concept art on the Carbine Studios website gives some hints on the nature of their project without revealing too much.
The “Troika Chronicles” will cover this new game in the future, so stay tuned! If anyone knows of any interesting projects by former Troika people please let me know.
P.S.: Many thanks to Friede for pointing me into the right direction!

Update: There is an interesting article at the Orange County Register website about the new studio and its unannounced project: “It will be an MMOG. There will be some fantasy thrown in but it’s a cross-genre game. And there will be dancing.”