The Rise and Fall of Troika

Today I was surfing the ‘net looking for some Troika related articles when I found “The Rise and Fall of Troika“, a well written and researched article about the demise of our favorite game company. Here’s an excerpt for your convenience:

Developing Bloodlines was troublesome for the company. They found themselves having to wade through nearly government-level red tape to accomplish anything. Compared to the relative freedom they had with Arcanum, “design, by necessity, had to become a lot more structured in a game like Vampire, where we had to run everything not only by White Wolf but by the publisher as well.” On top of that, they were using a prototype of the Source engine, one that didn’t yet have Valve’s high-class AI built in, and Troika’s AI code didn’t play very nice with Source.

The complete article can be read at The Escapist.


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