Reading recommendation

Lord DarcyIf you have enjoyed the magic vs. tech setting in Arcanum I can recommend you some great stories written by Randall Garrett. His stories about the investigator Lord Darcy are set into an alternative 20th century where magic has replaced technology. The setting is of course different from the one in Arcanum, but in my opinion the Lord Darcy stories are a must for every fantasy fan.
You can get the paperpack version of the complilation Lord Darcy at (or for my german visitors).

Update: I forgot to link directly to the book in question… oops, my bad. It’s fixed now. 🙂


The Rise and Fall of Troika

Today I was surfing the ‘net looking for some Troika related articles when I found “The Rise and Fall of Troika“, a well written and researched article about the demise of our favorite game company. Here’s an excerpt for your convenience:

Developing Bloodlines was troublesome for the company. They found themselves having to wade through nearly government-level red tape to accomplish anything. Compared to the relative freedom they had with Arcanum, “design, by necessity, had to become a lot more structured in a game like Vampire, where we had to run everything not only by White Wolf but by the publisher as well.” On top of that, they were using a prototype of the Source engine, one that didn’t yet have Valve’s high-class AI built in, and Troika’s AI code didn’t play very nice with Source.

The complete article can be read at The Escapist.