Bloodlines patched (unofficially) to 4.1

Another fan patch for Troika’s vampiric RPG has been released to the public. It can be easily applied onto the official 1.2 patch. Here’s a list of the fixes and changes:

– Put morphine into cs cabinet and fixed a Danielle Persuasion error.
– Added a humane farewell line to Heather and fixed a Tourette loop.
– Lowered hacking skill of Asylum computers and swapped Copper lines.
– Made police investigate gallery crime independent of your actions.
– Prevented Humanity from reaching zero and removed loss for pendant.
– Fixed parking garage exchange and removed gum when sold to Copper.
– Corrected a Vandal condition and several similar dialogue problems.
– Repaired broken Romero quest return and several minor text issues.

The patch is available for download here.


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