Arcanum soundtrack

While I was recreating this website from the ashes of the last one, I was looking on the web for the Arcanum soundtrack. For a long time it has been available for download from Sierra’s servers, but all the links are dead and I haven’t found a mirror, yet. Although Terra Arcanum has mirrored both the Arcanum and the Troika Games website, they haven’t mirrored the soundtrack. But I’ve stumbled upon Ben Houge’s Last.FM page, and there you can also listen to the soundtrack and add it to your Last.FM playlist.
If anyone knows of a place where you can download the soundtrack in mp3 format, please let me know (in the comments for example).

Update: It seems the download from the Sierra ftp server still works (I believe there was some problem with my connection last time I tried to access those servers). This means you should be able to get the complete soundtrack (and eventhe sheet music) from here. 😀 Have fun!


3 Responses

  1. install the game and look inside: /modules/Arcanum/sound/music/

  2. That is a possibility, yes, but wasn’t the soundtrack that was available for download edited differently from the music that was in the game?

  3. Thank you for sharing!

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